Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Well as expected in a civil war, the uncivil take to the streets, and once that happens, every psychopath has the right to "party" any which way he likes.
Starting with the killings of innocent unarmed men women and children in Beirut by the Iranian militias, through to the executions in halba, via the bombing of innocent civilians and of executions in the mountains.

I wonder who these people are who are capable of doing this and live amongst us in normal life. Are they your next door neighbour? The butcher? The baker? The candlestick maker?
Damn the all.

I feel sorry for the shiites. The regular ones who are like us and have never lifted a finger against anybody. They have been dragged into this by Hassan bin Faris and co. Now everybody hates them because they have been lumped with him and his Persian traitors.

As for Beirut, I am paradoxically happy that we did not fight back. You may think is she crazy? They were overtaken in 2 days and she feels proud? Yes I do. It showed me beyond doubt that us beirutees are not people of war, we are people of the pen not the sword, we are people of love not hate, we are people of civilization not backwardness. So yes I am proud to know to which kind of people I belong.

Having said that I am also proud of the Jabal Druze for fighting to protect their homes, or as they are now being called by the online community as per an article going round the sites the new "300".

Finally a word to the Lebanese Christians. I am so proud of you. You have shown an immense sense of growing up and learning from past mistakes. Not one bullet fired in the Christian areas of Lebanon. Keep it this way please. And pray for us that one day God will rid us of Hasan bin Faris and we will be secure in our homes too.


Marillionlb said...

This time I do not share your opinion.
If you want Hassounah and his gang out, I do not see any way other than armed conflict. No negociating with terrorists and thugs, M14 are still under the impression that those murderers can be trusted, heck Amine even asked for a written promess; I think the Gemayel dynasty has faded when Ammouna can utter such nonsens.
Allah yirhamak ya Bashir!

Lalebanessa said...

Oh don't get me wrong marillion, I think Hassan Nasrallah should be hung for treason, if only for the blood of the Lebanese civilians now staining his hands.

But I hate this culture of violence in the middle east. One of the (many) reasons I hate Hizballah so much is that this idea of celebration of the "war culture" is ingrained into their being. It's a disgusting and uncivilised way of existence.In war "might" is always right. just look at what happened in Beirut last week. And like I said in the post, war gives every psychopath an opportunity to come out and fulfill their urges.

I'm sick of all the bloodshed, all these civil wars ever lead to are death and tragedy and destruction. When are we ever going to escape this cycle? We can't keep saying we'll stop "right after the next war solves our problem" because history has shown us that it never does.

You want to teach them a lesson, but at what cost? Thousands will die and will soon be forgotten by time. The country, already pushed twenty years back,will be returned to somewhere around the middle ages.

To tell you the truth marillion, I don't know what is right and what is wrong anymore. All I want is to eat tabbouleh and go up to the mountains for the summer, and I'm sick of everyone else who doesn't want the same.