Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sanioura to stick around for a little while longer

Apparently he's not retiring any time soon, so may sad little farewell note to him was a little premature.

If the Doha agreement is to be believed and Saad has been allowed to choose the PM, the statement from M14 yesterday night was the Habeebna el-Sanioura will be coming back.

I wonder what they will call him now on el-Manar? I suggest their newscasters now say: His Excellency Sanioura "the Prime Minister who heads the legitimate government after being the non-legitimate head of the non-legitimate government for a little while when he was being a zionist american collaborator but now he isn't any more."


Ofcourse if Hassouna doesn't like having Sanioura as the PM, he can always send in a few of his goons to kill a few more Beirutees to "correct" the issue.


Marillionlb said...

I do not share your enthusiasm. I wished for a prime with more balls, one capable of giving the army the ORDER to intervene and protect civilians, one who does not all th time refer to Israel as the only enemy and Syria our sister.
Ma3leh, I wished for something better.

Ace said...

Marillionlb - ORDER the Army? They "ordered the Army" after the State of Emergency was finally called and the "Army" said NO. It does no good (and a lot of harm) to take a stand that you know in advance will lose.

Look at it this way - PM Siniora held out against Hezbollah for 17 months and did not resign the Government - Israel held out for only 34 days. Siniora lived in the Serail all that time to keep from getting assassinated, he managed to convince the UN to pass the Tribunal under a Chapter 7 rule, he managed to convince the International community to aid Lebanon in the Paris III meeting and he managed to hold the country together without a President for 7 months. Despite the supposedly "resigned" Ministers he still conducted the affairs of state and kept Lebanon from declaring bankruptcy and even raised the bank rating a bit. Let's not forget bringing a close to a War he did not start and could not control. He brought the Lebanese Army to the South and neither Hezbollah or Syria wanted that. It was certainly clear to me a long time ago that he knew the greatest threat was going to be Hezbollah finally deciding to take over Lebanon and there was very little he could do to stop it if the Army was not willing to confront Hezbo. They weren't. The damage was somewhat contained when M14 refused to fight back and Hezbo lost a lot of ground in the public relations area.

There is some value in the study of the opponent and what they want from you. They did NOT want PM Siniora back and I have to think there is a good reason for that. The whole "neutral" and "consensus" thing is a joke to Hezbo. It translates to everything has to be their way. If they don't want Siniora - that's a good enough reason for me to think he is the right man. He is certainly the right man to raise the morale a bit for the Sunni and for M14. In the "strategy" area - he has won each time and hasn't folded yet. They gave up the VETO in Doha but they also gained on several counts and it's for less than a year. M14 would be wise to move the elections up as soon as possible while the events are still fresh in all minds.

Lalebanessa said...

Sanioura is a good man. And even though this is Lebanese politics, I would always rather have a good man on my side.

He is also a realistic man, he knew that he could not fight them with guns, so he fought them by surviving for another day when they so badly wanted him gone.

It's a big blow to them to have him re-elected.After demonising him to their followers day and night, they will now have to work with him and call him Prime Minister.

The little victories achieved without a gun are a hundred times better than the victories achieved by force.

So, let's just savour this for a little while.

Tfeh! said...

I am no longer the pacifist I thought I was after the Hezb invaded Beirut. I would have wished for a PM with greater balls and some madness. I was disapointed by all M14rs more than once (and I bet you too), and refuse to give any of them any more excuses. The people of Lebanon deserve, and have to the right, to a much much much better political class.
To hell with all of them, starting by the Hizb and all its followers.
I would have even prefered an Adolph Hitler to Saniora (figure of speech).

Lalebanessa said...

The whole country going into a war would only lead to countless deaths and immense destruction.
We do not need any more death and tragedy in this country, Marillion, we have had enough.

Also don't forget a war would make this country (even more) unstable and hence give hizballah exactly what they wish for: a lack of order in which they can thrive. They and their Iranian overlords would have a completely free reign to do as they please. It would be their dream come true.

I am not a pacifist marillion, however I do believe there are other ways to fight than with the gun.