Sunday, June 01, 2008

That was then this is now....

Last time there was a prisoner exchange I was glued to the TV tears of happiness streaming down my face.

This time, well this time it's different.

I haven't watched any of it on TV , I'm sure I'll see it on the evening news. Though I'm happy for the guy and his family that he is being released, it all feels so distant.

I know the reason for this: in the back of mind, I keep wondering about the next time there is an attack on Beirut, on my family, on my neighbourhood, as a member of Hizballah,will he be one of those masked men with their guns, coming to kill?

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Marillionlb said...

I share your sentiment and your fear. I can't wait until they free Samir Kuntar and see the hero welcome they will organize for him. The Hizbollah has a philosophy of violence, it is whithin their upringing and notion of "moukawameh". And still M14'rs want to sit with them and give them representation within the government, and veto power.
Allh yirham Libnan wa trabou!