Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama Obama Obama

Well Obama clinched it. Hilary must be mucho pissed, she thought she had it in the bag, where did this guy come from to steal away her nomination?

ha ha ha on Hilary

If you're wondering why women didn't vote for you I think it's because you let your husband off too easy when he cheated :P

So now it's Obama vs McCain. Who will win? Polls say Obama for now, but polls can change. Also if he asks Hilary to run for VP how would that alter the polls?

From my non-american point of view, what is important to me is the effect on the situation over here. Ofcourse, there is no such thing as who is better for us, there is only a "who is the lesser of two evils" as they will always support the Isreali position unconditionally whatever happens, we will be the afterthought.

An intersting question: I wonder who black Republicans will be voting for?

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