Monday, October 27, 2008

Americans Attack on Syrian Soil

So the Americans decided to expand their operations from Iraq into Syria, which begs the question WTF? But instead of trying to figure the Americans out, lets try and guess what the Syrian response to the attack is going to be.

Now usually the Syrians just make a big hoopla and protest loudly, promise retaliation to anyone who will listen, until the story becomes old and people forget it even happened (just look at the bombing of the nuclear installation fiasco, the buzzing the presidential palace fiasco and, oh yeah, the whole Golan heights are taken but they're not doing anything about it fiasco).

Anyways, I write because the Syrians can't really retaliate directly against the Americans (or the Israelis), so that leaves just one place they can vent their frustrations: Lebanon.

Lucky us.

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