Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hassounna and Saad Meet for dinner

Here we are then, pictures of a smiling Hassouna and a grinning Saad all over the news.

We're supposed to be happy about this. Everything is going to be all right now.

I just can't get myself to be so enthusiastic. Are we supposed to forget that Nasrallah ordered an attack on his country's capital a few months back using the alleged weapons of resistance to kill Lebanese men, women and children. Are we supposed to ignore the fact that he can do it again whenever he wants because he has the weapons to force any decision he likes on us when we disagree with him?

Or should we just be happy because if they're smiling it means they're not close to another civil war?

Those who are gone are gone
Those who are dead are dead
Everybody Smile for the Cameras.

P.S. : Someone close to Hassouna needs to tell him to lay off the Makhlouta, methinks we are reaching bear-like proportions here.


Marillionlb said...

Now I see that you too are as proud as I am of our political class.
Screw Hassouna/GoateeSaad's love story, we should rejoice like most Lebanese for the Syrian will establish their embassy before the end of the year. Then it will be a "true acceptance of our sovereignty" by our sister in the north,
Have you ever seen dumber than the Lebanese?????

Lalebanessa said...

At least they say they're moving it from the original proposed site in Ein El Mreisseh to Bir Hassan, the last thing we need on the Corniche is an "official" a den of Mokhabarat :)